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Dear Investor,

The month has passed since the start of Crowdfunding 3.0 by

During this time, many things have changed, but not our commitment to the project. We believe that will become the most popular social networking portal globally, bringing people together, enabling information and knowledge sharing, with great possibilities for monetization.

I will start by summarizing the first month of the crowdfunding 3.0. In the second part of the letter, I will introduce current events, plans and dreams. Let’s get started!


Unfortunately, the first days of crowdfunding were a false start — we collected only USD…

In summary, will be the biggest knowledge and wisdom search engine (and marketplace) on the internet.
In a way, it’s a “google killer” — a way to search not for information, as in the big G, but for knowledge, which is pretty different thing.
If you look closely, it will resemble Facebook or Quora rather than G.
Because it’s a human-to-human (P2P) device.
Because it’s only people that can advise other people, there’s no AI for that yet, and there won’t be soon.
However it’s very different when you look at the internal processes.
It will put valuable knowledge first, not entertainment and funny cats…

In the interview for U Today — leading independent organization that covers the crypto industry, blockchain, and new-gen technology companies, Piotr Michalak — CEO of the, estimated the price of bitcoin at the end of the year.

Rimma Trukhina asked Piotr also about ccFOUND:

U.Today: So what is Can you tell me more about it and why do we need a new platform dedicated to educational technology? What makes it special?

Piotr Michalak: Сurrently how the internet operates is via some kind of groups on Linkedin and Facebook or forums. So you either go to ask a question…

In our marketing materials you can find some assumptions regarding the growth of the number of users on the platform. This number translates into the revenue and income projections and thus an important question arises: why do we assume this kind of growth? Let us delve deeper into these numbers and what they mean.

For our projections, we have assumed what we believe to be a realistic growth structure, taking into account:

a) the scale of investment planned in ccFOUND,

b) we have a more educational profile than some of the social media that we analyzed.

We must also take into account that many of the platforms we examine have been around for a while and, for the most part, were established during a time when internet adoption was at a much lower level, however the market was not as saturated.

We first took a look at YouTube, which was launched in December of…

One of this year’s most awaited crowdfunding 3.0 campaigns has begun. The project is called ccFOUND and will become the most popular education portal on the Internet and first online space to allow creators to both build their community and monetize traffic in the same place.

– I believe, that ccFOUND will become the most popular education portal in the world. It brings people together and allows them to exchange information, knowledge and wisdom — says Piotr Michalak, ccFOUND CEO.

Join a webinar held by Piotr Michalak, planned on June 24th at 12 p.m. CET. He will talk about the…

Everybody knows what crowdfunding is and what advantages come along with crowdfunding. For the cryptocurrency market, Crowdfunding 3.0 has now arrived on the scene, allowing crypto companies to quickly raise money through selling currency, a new app or services.

Technically, Crowdfunding 3.0 is an initial coin offering (ICO) — however, a redefined ICO. How does Crowdfunding 3.0 work then? A crypto company generates tokens and sells them in daily auctions throughout the whole year. More information on the technical details involved is usually available in a whitepaper.

When looking at the difference between an ICO and crowdfunding, the former offers…

FOUND Coins are built in the ERC-20 standard on the Binance Smart Chain. You can withdraw them from the platform at any time and keep on your private wallet that supports the ERC-20 standard. However, for FOUND Coins to be visible on the wallet, you need to add a custom token to the wallet. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask. Check how to do it HERE
  2. Open MetaMask and switch to Binance Smart Chain

3. Click Assets

The purchaser takes part in the auction. Finally, the FOUND Coins are counted by who receives how much. After the FOUND Coins have been counted by the system in the form of a digital record, they will immediately appear on the customer’s account on the ccFOUND platform, after the end of the auction. However, in order for the client to “physically” receive his FOUND Coins that are on the blockchain, he must make a “claim” on his account.

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Go to the Wallets tab
  3. Click the Withdraw button

4. Enter the FOUND Coin amount…

The sale is conducted in the form of an auction divided into 40 weeks * 7 days = 280 daily stages. Each week it is possible to purchase a maximum of 1.25% of FOUND Coins calculated from the total number of FOUND Coins for sale and that means (1.25 / 7)% = 1.178% FOUND Coins are put for sale daily. …

Dear Investors,

We are pleased to announce the progress of work under the project. Since mid-April, we have intensified our work in every area, and our team already consists of 26 people. Work on the product is progressing so that the MVP version will be presented at the turn of Q3 and Q4 this year. Most importantly, however, we decided on the date of the ICO. The process will start on June 18, 2021 and will last until March 31, 2022. To make the most of this period, we are currently working intensively on a marketing communication strategy that supports the…


ccFound helps people invest knowledgeably by providing information in the most natural way known to humans: questions and answers.

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