Affiliate program in

For the most active investors, investing platform allows to acquire even more funds from the partnership program. You will be able to refer ccFOUND to your friends and receive 10% of commission every time they buy the FOUND Coins.

How does it work?
Before joining our partnership program, you must go through the rules. Only investors with active accounts who completed the KYC process can participate. To take part in the program and refer it to your friends, you must log into the user’s profile and use the referral link in the ‘Referral’ tab. Then, share the link with your friends so they can start investing in ccFOUND. When your friend buys FOUND Coins using the referral link, you will receive 10% worth of their investment.

The funds you collect in the partnership program can be deposited into your bank account or any crypto wallet. To deposit the funds, you need to use an invoice or receipt. The minimal amount to withdraw is 100 USD (USD, GBP, EUR available) or cryptocurrency (BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC, FOUND Coin). The currency, once chosen, cannot be changed — swapping it for another currency will not be possible.



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