Allegro on blockchain steroids. Will ccFOUND top this major players success?

“Allegro on blockchain steroids” — Will ccFOUND top this major players success?

ccFOUND is being described as the world’s first Brain Search Engine, or mind search engine. It combines the best elements of blockchain privacy, the business plans of Uber and Allegro, and the earning potential of cryptocurrencies.

The creator and CEO of the project is Piotr Michalak, the originator and founder of the Institute of Cryptography, a business that earns more than PLN 30 million a year. The project is in the closed beta testing phase and is expected to go open in the upcoming months. ICO funding is almost over and has raised over 12 million PLN.

From the following article you will learn, among other things:

  • How the anti-inflation $FOUND coin currency works,
  • What is a marketplace for knowledge and wisdom,
  • How to build a personal brand for the 21st century,
  • How ccFOUND will repeat the success of Allegro.

What exactly is ccFOUND?

ccFOUND is the world’s first multi marketplace for knowledge and information products, which makes it easier than ever to offer and sell knowledge in almost any form: from micropayment answers to questions, to all kinds of expert opinions, courses, ebooks, webinars etc.

From Polish to ours — Allegro for every known way to monetize your knowledge. A hub of knowledge products, a forge of experts.

Why should people want to use it? Primarily because it’s the first place where they’ll be able to build an expert brand, create a community and sell products at the same time, and that’s starting practically from scratch — from answering questions and monetizing the answers.

By seeing how expert answers to how different types of questions are monetized, they’ll be able to scout the market to make sure that the work they put into creating courses and products will then find an audience willing to pay.

Until now, when a novice seller on Allegro could start exploring the market with single auctions, and then grow organically step by step; an expert who wanted to sell his knowledge did not have such an opportunity. He didn’t have the right place for that on the web.

To do that, he had to overcome high entry thresholds:

  1. position himself in the network gather their own community, for example in a Facebook group or on email lists. Invest time, effort and significant amounts of money into personal branding alone. Set up a website with a store and a sales system.
  2. ccFOUND will simplify and shorten this process, making sales much more effective and simpler, because it has all the tools the author needs to build a reputation as an expert and a personal brand, to gather a community and to sell will be built in the portal.
  3. Authors will be able to meet all their needs without leaving the portal, and therefore their sales will increase.

But that’s just the beginning of the project’s differentiators. The biggest one is mind search.

Brain Search Engine — what is this?

A mind search engine is a logical step forward from search engines like Google. While they search on servers and in articles — ccFOUND searches directly in people’s minds. How?

Somewhat similar to… Facebook and Uber at the same time. Users can write a post with a question, or a request for help, and tag it accordingly.

For example, “I’m toying with the idea of getting married in three years. I have gold, dollars, BTC in my portfolio and I’m thinking about buying Etherium. Is this a good idea? #investments #cryptocurrencies”

The question will be visible to every user just like on a board on FB. And everyone will be able to answer it.

The questioner will gets a clear benefit — a solution to his problem. Many people will share their perspectives. It’s not about looking for a perfect answer (although that can happen too). The greatest value is the multi-perspective answer, which will allow the questioner to make the right decision.

Such a question can be answered by people from all over the world and from extremely different fields of expertise. A hobbyist cryptocurrency trader, a real estate broker, an investment advisor…

The person writing the question gets solutions tailored directly to his problem. A swedish buffet of wisdom :)

And what do the respondents have from it?

A new class of experts.

Some authors decide to ask a paid question, which will allow the best answerers to earn money. But even answering for free carries great benefit because:

Problem solving involves the social aspect of the project — building community and reputation.

As on any social media ccF gives you the opportunity to follow the creators. But as a user — how do you know who to follow? Who is a real expert on the topic, and who is playing hardball?

This is where reputation comes to the rescue. Every solved problem builds our reputation on the site, just like every completed ride builds Uber driver’s reputation. Over time, users themselves will separate those who are genuinely helpful and knowledgeable about the topic from the rest.

This, combined with regular problem solving and showing that you know your stuff, will lead to what is natural in any social media — building a community.

And from there, it’s one step to monetizing your knowledge. For example, by writing a substantive post, which can be unlocked for 2 zł, or a small course. All with the help of tools from the portal. Without the need to create sales funnels, websites, stores or business cards.

This will create a whole new class of experts. People who have the knowledge, but so far did not want or could not build a classic personal brand on the Internet.

Just as Uber allowed efficient drivers of self-driving cars to drive and earn; ccFOUND will allow the potential of anyone who had valuable advice in their field, but was unable to make money from it.

Anti-Inflation Currency and DAO

The portal itself ultimately aims to become a DAO — a decentralized blockchain-based organization that will be impossible to censor or to shut down by shutting down servers. To this end, ccFOUND has also created its own cryptocurrency $FOUND.

What’s unique about it? The fact that it earns money in three ways.

Increase in value — $FOUND is the portal’s internal currency. No matter what currency you buy a product in and it will automatically be exchanged for $FOUND in which content creators are rewarded, which naturally increases the valuation on the exchange

Decrease in supply — $FOUND has been issued in a specific amount and there are no plans to “re-print”. Additionally, 10% of the portal’s revenue is burned on a regular basis, reducing supply and causing $FOUND to increase in value over time

Passive income — 50% of the portal’s profits are split proportionally among everyone depending on how many tokens they have. Best of all, the payout is daily.

What future?

All of these things combined with a business plan that the team has already tested at the Cryptography Institute suggests that $FOUND will increase in value 10–100 times over the next few years. Will it succeed?

The ccFOUND platform is almost ready. Closed beta testing has been going on for several weeks and open testing is expected to begin soon. The project has raised over 12 million zlotys in funding, and the board assures that this will allow the project to sustain itself for another two years even if it didn’t earn a single zloty.

The product is almost ready and there is no shortage of funding. Will the team manage to achieve their ambitions? Let the CEO’s quote be the answer:

“We are serious about changing the world for the better. We’re going for billions, or not at all!”

Details of the ccFOUND project are available at:




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