An Open Letter to Elon Musk
from Poland, the heart of Freedom!

Poland — Warsaw 04.19.2022

Mr. Elon Musk

3500 Deer Creek, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA

Dear Elon,

We represent Poland, one of the countries that fought the hardest for its freedom. We survived 123 years under foreign powers’ rule and fought on every WWII front led by our motto “For our freedom and yours”. And then we fought with soviet oppressors, once they took our beloved land. And that’s when your country helped us.

In the 80’s, the United States promoted democracy for our nation, bringing hope for the transition to constitutional freedom. Our journey from a communist regime to a democratic and free-market economy, thanks to this support, took only 20 years. One generation!

Yes, you are correct in saying that all people have freedom imprinted in their DNA, but we are still limited by the Internet’s manipulations. We are as concerned by the lack of this quality in our lives as you are, Elon. And just as you, we decided to do something about this.

In our everyday’s fight for truth and freedom on the Internet, our team develops a new social media platform based on blockchain: We already raised $4m which is enough to create a 30-person team and an MVP, and we have almost finished it!

What’s important is that solves different problems than Twitter. We actually supplement the platform you set out to take control of.

Twitter is like “Town Square” where people can exchange short messages. ccFound compliments that by creating a library of knowledge (or know-how), translated between languages and decentralized to Interplanetary File System (IPFS) in a way that will pass through China’s or Belarus firewalls.

So ccFound and Twitter make a match made in heaven.

On top of that, we are almost ready to go live. Our “Town Square” comes with Web3, trust and moderation delegated to users, without any ads, but with a marketplace made for people who want to share know-how and search for truth and wisdom.

Let’s create a platform that will help you search for very personal answers, tips, expertise and advice, completely opposite of what we currently receive when seeking answers in currently existing, dehumanized search engines. Let’s create something new.

Let’s create a Brain Search Engine.

We have an open-source algorithm of moderation, content correction and manual assessment of hate. The content’s criticism goes to DAO’s (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and the inner upvoting and judicial system governed by the users. Any suspicious content manipulations “behind the scenes” would be treated by us as a crime indeed, exactly as you just noted in your last interview.

Elon, let’s protect freedom of speech and fix the Internet! Let’s eliminate the dangers and risks of scams and bot armies of the current-day Internet. Like you, we are obsessed with the truth, so let’s establish a new quality of how knowledge is shared online — together, and this may make our future dreams come true.

Let’s help humanity create a meritocratic civilization based on the transfer of knowledge and wisdom shared above the borders, languages and nations. We already gathered a community of over 20.000 people, and have serious plans of growing it to millions.

We invite you to become our supporter, mentor or even one of the owners of this platform. Let’s fight for freedom together. As we always did in Poland crying out “For our freedom and yours”.

Yours truly,

Piotr Michalak CEO

P.S. What would be the next steps, you could ask?

  1. Please find more information at and
  2. Please have your assistant contact us via to work out a time and date for our online meeting, or perhaps even a personal one, as I will be visiting the States on my honeymoon starting April 25th till May 7th, sightseeing LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas. I would be obliged if you could meet me in person.



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