ccFOUND wisdom marketplace
3 min readAug 5, 2022
graphics Joanna Rybak

We have presented the vision of openness and wisdom of the ccFOUND new platform many times. You know our feature trailer by heart. The revolution of the Internet community, towards Web3, wisdom, monetizing your intelligence, blockchain-based Internet, authentication and genuity, freedom of speech, free from hacking and trolls — you know it all.

For this stage of the platform’s development, our investors have given us their full trust, demonstrated by the last investment round with over $1,000,000 capital raised.

Now it’s time for us. To monetize users’ knowledge on the platform, we are introducing FOUND vouchers, as internal currency. You can use them to pay for the house architecture project, for legal advice, access to an online course or you can give one to an author you appreciate.

Don’t wait, fund your wallet and enjoy the benefits of the ccFOUND. You gain the opportunity to issue a paid question with a reward to motivate authors to give you a comprehensive answer. Thus earning tokens entitles you to a share, in the profit of the entire platform.

You can purchase 1 FOUND for the equivalent of $1. In the same way you can withdraw your funds, converting each of your 1 FOUND into 1 USD. Or you may just register, without vouchers.

But take into account that being an author and putting paywalls (payment gateways) in your top answers you promote your products on your marketplace. You can also deposit and withdraw your funds in USD, BUSD and USDC at any time.

Marketplace wisdom is the greatest asset of the ccFOUND portal.

Time is running out, because the premiere is just around the corner.

We have to get the best reviews and win the Oscar for best script and best special effects.

If someone claims that the “mine is better than the others”, it’s easy to prove it is not. Things get even worse when someone says: “I’m going to do it better for sure” or “I will be the best, you will see” — then you get stuck, you keep quiet and you think to yourself: “well, we’ll wait and see”. Because it’s not at all easy to “be better for sure” and certainly it’s very hard to convince others to think so…

ccFOUND is a new revolutionary product and we have a great chance to stand out above the competition dynamically even in the next year from the start.


We simply discovered advantages that our competitors missed. It’s quantifiable. It’s called the product Battle Card. The card puts a price on the quality of a brand; it’s a visual competitor analysis. The Battle Card considers product attributes:

It’s not a matter of time to achieve them. It’s a matter of users recognizing them when they first enter the registration page, like an audience in a movie theater. They sit down in their seats, the flashlights are turned off, they take the popcorn and the show starts.

Our big premiere is coming soon. We have prepared an extraordinary invitation for you. Wow, what a thrill!



ccFOUND wisdom marketplace is marketplace for expertise, questions and answers, targeted to blockchain, own crypto for users to pay for know-how, education or tips.