ccFOUND and FANADISE partnership and AMA recap

On Thursday, September 30th we announced our partnership with a famous NFT project — Fanadise, Both companies — ccFOUND and Fanadise have an aligned mission and want to spread cryptocurrency adoption and focus on innovation and technological advancements. Moreover, our cooperation will include creating a Wisdom NFT and implementing NFTs on the portal.

Fanadise has already had its moment of fame after selling a famous Love NFT for $250,000. The ‘’love’’ was of Marti Renti — a polish influencer, and included in the NFT was a dinner with her. This story was featured in many sources, such as Business Insider or Yahoo News, and was a huge success. Currently, Fanadise shook the market again by scanning a famous polish singer, Doda’s body, and selling the digital version of it. The details of our cooperation will be announced soon.

Apart from media relations and communication in social channels, announcing the partnership included:

During the AMA, both — Bartek and Piotr were asked a few questions about the scope of the partnership. They admitted that the synergy between projects also lies in utility in the crypto space. Bartek revealed that Fanadise is working with a very big FMCG company to create governance NFT. The digital token will let users participate in some decisions, such as the design or taste of the product. Both CEOs agreed that ccFOUND and Fanadise will create wisdom NFT; however, its details are still in the process. There are several ideas, such as collectibles, governance tokens, or certificates.

Piotr and Bartek also revealed what the future holds for their projects, touching upon more technical aspects such as staking or burning tokens. Moreover, Fanadise will introduce a new drop every week with influencers. In contrast, ccFOUND will focus on working on the platform to make sure it’s ready as soon as possible. Team members of both projects will travel to Dubai for blockchain conferences, which is an excellent opportunity to find new investors, advisors, and partners and spread the word about their projects. Fanadise team members — Bartek and Jacob will also be keynote speakers in a future blockchain summit. Piotr also explained that the reason for ccFOUND ICO being quite long (9 months) is to reach larger groups of investors and spread the idea of this wisdom and knowledge marketplace. Piotr also revealed that ccFOUND is planning on opening launchpads on several platforms; however, there are no particular dates set or deals done yet.

Bartek advised all people who would like to create their startup to ‘’just do it and never give up’’. Bartek has experience with starting and running businesses. He also owns a DDOB — the biggest influencer marketing agency in Poland. He explained that Fanadise had proved its business model with the previous Love NFT and 3D Body Scan, which sold out very quickly and brought significant revenue to the project. He also mentioned that they are working on a Fanadise portal.

In general, the AMA has been a successful one, with many questions from community members. We strongly encourage you to go through the session yourself — starting here, all questions and answers are available.




ccFound platform enable to provide expertise, in questions and answers but on blockchain technology with own crypto, that users will pay for know-how, edu,...

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ccFound platform enable to provide expertise, in questions and answers but on blockchain technology with own crypto, that users will pay for know-how, edu,...

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