ccFOUND Report for March 2021.

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7 min readApr 20, 2021

Dear Investors,

Recently, there have been several events under the ccFOUND project that we want to share:


1. We have completed the implementation of payment tools on our ICO platform:

a. BitBayPay

b. Stripe

c. Coinbase Commerce

d. Adyen

e. Payoneer

2. We are holding talks with more payment processor service providers that will allow customers from around the world to make deposits. They are, among others:






3. We have prepared the ERC20 smart contract code for our token;

a. the contract responsible for the behavior of the ccFound token running on the Rynkeby Test Network.

b. the contract responsible for keeping the ccFound token running on the Binance Test Chain as an alternative to Ethereum.

4. We have prepared the code of the Multiplexer smart contract extending ERC20 with the possibility of implementing collective AirDrop in order to reduce transaction costs in the token distribution process.

a. Multiplexer running on the Rynkeby Ethereum network

b. Multiplexer running on Binance Test Chain

5. We have prepared the architecture script of the “promoted answer” to the question asked using the ERC20 token. The user will be able to encourage experts to work harder on the answer in exchange for the amount of ccFound tokens specified by him or her.

6. Together with our technology partner, we have built a team of experts/developers of distributed applications, who will support us for the next 6 months without remuneration — the faith in our product spills over into the technology industry and among people with hard skills.

7. We have launched environments supporting Continuum Development and automatic building of the approved source code.

8. We are working on implementing new looks for the ccFound portal.

9. We are working on implementing the necessary API to handle communication between the portal and the blockchain network.


1. TEAM:

The creation of the Marketing Department has been completed and it will be fully operational as of April 12. All new employees underwent the onboarding process, got acquainted with the project, its marketing strategy and the scope of their duties. Detailed KPIs for all persons will be established after closing the OGSM process (April 21). The department consists of the following people:

a. Aleksander Grudziński — Digital Marketing Manager, is an experienced marketer who has been dealing with online business activities for 10 years (both for international corporations and companies from the small and medium-sized enterprises sector, e.g. Medicover or Biocodex). He specializes in performance marketing and is responsible for managing the main communication activities in the crowdfunding process and for launching the portal, the purpose of which will be to effectively raise capital from investors. His tasks in the coming months include:

i. creating and launching the website, where potential investors will find all information about the project and will be able to purchase tokens;

ii. planning and launching a campaign promoting the crowdfunding process (its aim is to maximize the number of visits to the website and conversion to the purchase of tokens),

iii. planning and launching a remarketing campaign;

iv. building a customer database and running an email marketing campaign;

v. caring for the consistent communication of the ccFOUND brand in line with the adopted strategy in all marketing channels.

b. Michał Traczyk — Social Media Manager, is responsible for building the community around the portal and the crowdfunding process in the social media. His task is to attract as many people as possible to follow our activities and build hype around our project. He will focus primarily on promoting the portal among the target group, and thus on encouraging as many people as possible to invest and support our marketing activities. Activities in the social media will be carried out primarily on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram and Reddit. They will keep the community informed about the progress of the crowdfunding process and the development of the portal and its functionality. Michał has been involved in social media for 10 years. He gained extensive experience in leading marketing agencies such as Socializer, Liquid Thread or BBDO, where he served leading Polish and international brands.

c. Kacper Hoffmann — Social Media Executive, is responsible for creating content for social channels, business monitoring and collecting information about the market. His main task will be to manage the community around ccFOUND and to handle inquiries from observers and potential investors in our channels. In addition, Kacper deals with building relationships and creating a contact database of influencers and advisors who specialize in blockchain projects and investment projects around the world. Kacper lives in Leicester, UK, where he is a final year student at the Marketing Department of De Montfort University.

d. Olga Skrzynecka — PR & Media Manager is responsible for media relations and building their interest in the ccFOUND project and the crowdfunding process. Her task will be to implement the content marketing strategy which will build interest in the project on the media/portals specializing in blockchain, investment projects, etc. She will be responsible for creating a digital press office, documentation for the media and creating texts for a company’s blog, delivering texts/articles and information for business media and social channels. Olga will also be responsible for the implementation of the video content strategy and will manage YouTube and channels. Olga has several years of experience in the field of Public Relations, content marketing and crisis management, which she gained in international corporations in difficult and highly competitive FMCG and pharmaceutical markets (including USP Zdrowie, Coty). Olga started working in ccFOUND on April 12.


a. a detailed social media strategy and action plan has been developed;

b. the process of preparing a detailed action plan for PR, content marketing and media relations has begun. It will end be completed on April 20;

c. the initial marketing budget and its division into individual communication areas has been approved.


a. we have continued the work on the target side of the crowdfunding process. The layout has been modernized, and the page layout has been created in such a way as to familiarize visitors with the project in the easiest and most inviting way. Works on the website will be completed on April 16;

b. the work on the blog subpage has begun.


A new draft of the White Paper was created, which stylistically refers to the new page layout of the ICO process. We are supplementing the document with new advisors, photos, links to LinkedIn and improving numerous other details. It is worth mentioning that the document is already in English.


a. the initial plan and budget of the media, in which the promotional campaign will be launched, have been created. The final media plan will be created by April 15. The campaign is scheduled to start in May 2021;

b. an analysis of services aggregating systems for CPC campaigns was carried out and contact was established with selected service providers in order to determine the types of media to be used and their budgets.

c. an agency has been selected that will be responsible for creating an advertising creation for ccFOUND, which will be used both during the crowdfunding process and during the launch of the portal on the market. Creative proposals will be presented by April 9. The campaign will be ready on April 30.


a. the database of influencers and their selection for future cooperation in the crowdfunding process is further developed (involvement in informing about ccFOUND); at the moment, the database has over 230 records and talks are being held with 39 people about establishing cooperation;

b. 4 interviews with Piotr Michalak were conducted;

c. intensification of activities (review & interview) with influencers will take place after the microsite is launched.


a. official channels on FB, TW, LI were launched;

b. pre-launch activities have started to build a credibility/content database on all 3 channels; posts appear in accordance with the publication calendar adopted in the strategy;

c. the analysis of selected ICO processes that are taking place recently was carried out;

Recruitment processes:

1. We have completed another 2 recruitment processes.

2. The ccFOUND team has been joined by:

a. Grzegorz Zieliński as Customer Support Specialist.

b. Olga Skrzynecka as PR Manager.

c. On April 20, a new employee will join us for the position of HR & Administration Specialist.

3. We are still looking for the following people to join the team:

a. Technical Leader

b. Graphic Designer

c. Lawyer

4. The ccFOUND team currently consists of 21 people.


We have started cooperation with 3 advisors:

1. Tomasz Braun — PhD in Law, attorney-at-law at G&T BRAUN Partners, formerly General Counsel at GE Money and HSBC; lecturer in commercial law at the Lazarski University in Warsaw.

2. Patryk Ryszewski — a lawyer with experience in international law and cooperation with blockchain start-ups and investors from all over the world.

3. Artur Holzwert — marketing advisor, a physicist by education, dealing with blockchain investments since 2012. He has got an investor network and reputation on

Finance and administration:

1. We have registered a foreign company CCFOUND LTD, which will enable us to reach customers from all over the world and solve a number of problems. We are in the process of registering another company, CCFOUND International.

2. We are in the process of setting up a bank account for foreign companies.

3. We are implementing the software for document circulation and financial settlements — SALDEO. The implementation process will be completed in April.

4. We have started the implementation of the program for internal communication, project management and CRM — Bitrix24.

5. We have developed a procedure of cooperation with foreign counterparties, in particular from outside the European Union.

Thank you for your attention!

ccFOUND Board



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