Dear Friends and Investors of ccFOUND,

We present to you a new report showing the progress of the project. The past month was quite busy for us — a few members of the ccFOUND team visited Dubai, where they met with potential investors, partners and participated in conferences.

In October, we acquired new partners — Fanadise (NFT experts) and Kanga Exchange — the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Central Europe, with over 250 stationary exchange offices. We announced a launchpad on Kanga, allowing you to buy 20 million FOUND coins (the fixed price of $0.05) without KYC! To invest, just click on this link.

The sixth investment round is behind us, which ended up with a similar result to the previous one (306 000 USD). Three hundred forty-three people from 29 countries took part in it, making 538 transactions. Most of the funds come from Poland, Vietnam, and Turkey. Great Britain was just behind the podium. The sum of bonuses paid to investors in this round was close to PLN 30,000.

As a result, we have already collected over $3 mln. Thanks to the activity of our investors, it will be possible to develop the product as planned. Below we provided a list of actions performed in the last month.


Many of the activities carried out in October were focused on the ICO. We have new promotional activities (such as Happy Hours), which will allow us to reach more investors and raise more capital for the project’s development. We have implemented an additional and more convenient payment method using the Coinbase Commerce payment processor, allowing investors to make fast crypto transfers from any wallet. We have started work on translating the website into Spanish to reach new investors. We have updated the page’s metadata in terms of SEO optimization to position the website better. We also simplified the KYC verification, and we no longer require it for transactions up to 1000 EUR.

We are in the process of connecting new portal views to the database. We are finishing work on programming the connection of an external MetaMask wallet with the platform, which will allow users to top up the account on the FOUND portal with coins. We have implemented additional security measures to minimize the risk of hacker attacks. We are finalizing the implementation of the first knowledge monetization function on the platform using layer 2 IPFS.

Digital Marketing

Since 16.09, the ccFOUND website has been visited by 42,211 people, which is an increase of 22% compared to the previous period. 39,773 users visited us for the first time, which is an increase of 19%. The traffic is not only higher but also more qualitative — the bounce rate decreased by 4.4%. The number of page views reached 292,000, which is an increase of 36%. This proves the greater involvement of users, which was indirectly reflected in narrower target groups for our communication. Acquiring traffic on the website has changed — social media appeared in the first place (increase by 84%). This is also 35% of the total traffic on the website. The second place is direct entries, the third place is partner websites, and the fourth place is organic entries, which recorded an increase of 77% and accounted for 12% of our traffic. Changes also took place in the geographical profile of our recipient — we recorded a 40% increase in the number of users from Poland (20% of all traffic), we are also pleased with the influx of users from Great Britain (increase by 32%), France (increase by 27%) and Japan (increase by 93%). Our user base has grown by almost 5,000 addresses and is approaching a total of 15,000 addresses, of which nearly 10,000 are people registered on the portal.

The recorded increases are the result of multichannel activities and focus on RTM. The changes in the method of communication in social media, the crystallization of the audience, and small but significant modifications to the ad settings.

Social media

Our social media channels already have over 20,000 members in total. Communication successfully supports sales, website traffic and strengthens relations with our community. We promote social channels through competitions on the Gleam platform, which translates into a constant growth of the community and its involvement. We have groups of investors who contribute regularly and become ‘brand advocates’ for the ccFOUND.

On the 30th of September, we announced ccFOUND’s partnership with the well-known NFT project — Fanadise. Both entities share a common mission and willingness to spread the idea of ​​cryptocurrency adoption. The activities of both ccFOUND and Fanadise focused on innovation and technological advances, making it possible to work together to create NFT Wisdom and implement this technology on the ccFOUND portal. Cooperation with Fanadise was connected with competition in social media, in which 350 users took part.

We developed communication on Telegram — organic community growth on the Vietnamese channel to over 200 people and on the Turkish channel to over 2200. Our large team of foreign community managers is active and involved in the project.

For the next month, other activities are planned to increase the reach and effectiveness of social media.

PR & Content

Interviews with influencers and cryptocurrency communities were performed in the past month. Piotr was a guest of many channels, where he talked about the concept and development plans of ccFOUND. The videos were published at YouTube channels such as Kryptoekipa, Gotowy na Krypto, Biblia Kryptowalut, Kryptowaluty dla Początkujących, Phil Konieczny and Przygody Przedsiębiorców.

At the same time, we are developing our English YouTube channel, where we recorded an increase in the number of unique viewers by 121%, an increase in the number of views by 6,200, and an increase in subscriptions by 36%. Among the materials published this month, there were 19 films — we recommend videos from Dubai, including an interview with Jan Strandberg from the Yield App and William Tien.

Our Polish YouTube channel is also developing. Last month, we published 14 videos and recorded an increase in unique viewers by 124% and subscriptions by 20%.

We are also developing new projects that will surely surprise you! Together with a well-known multimedia artist, we are preparing a special NFT WISDOM COLLECTIBLES collection, which will also be a unique game that has never been on the NFT market! We will reveal more details soon.

Administration and HR

We have developed internal procedures in the field of document circulation, orders, and human resource management.

We are constantly expanding our team — Grzegorz Krzeszowski, responsible for attracting investors, and Marcin Klarycki from BasketCoin has joined the Advisors group. Last month, we also started cooperation with BackEnd and FrontEnd developers both in the in-house team. From 1.12, a new associate joins us for the position of DevOps. We are still looking for developers to join the team.

In the coming weeks, we are focusing our efforts on increasing ccFOUND’s capital and further development of the platform. At the same time, we are constantly looking for new investors, partners, and personalities to strengthen the Advisor team. We believe that we will be able to implement a project that will change the Internet forever with your support.

Thank you for your support,

Piotr Michalak with the ccFOUND team



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