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4 min readSep 16, 2021


We introduced a few changes, and we would like to summarize our latest activities in the project. We are very excited to see the great results after changing the auction model.

The third investment round starts tomorrow. The number of ccFOUND investors is constantly growing — the community is international as people from 67 countries invested in the project in the second round! As a result, we opened dedicated channels for the largest groups of foreign investors — in the third round, we are focused on investors from Vietnam and Turkey.

The second round ended successfully. We raised $313,242, an increase of 77% over the first round. The number of investors also increased by 62% (from 244 investors in the first round to 396 investors in the second one). There are 6 5000 registered users on the platform, 81% more than two weeks earlier. In a few days, we will find out about the results of the third round; we will keep you updated via email and our blog.

Please have a look at what we have achieved recently:

  • Implemented the settlement procedure as part of the affiliate program, taking into account the issues related to the fact that our investors come from all over the world
  • Implemented the procedure of signing contracts and settlements with foreign contractors
  • Hired a new graphic designer and front-end developer
  • We plan to hire three more developers
  • Changed the tokenomy and the ICO mechanism on the website. The main changes include:

- Change of daily auctions into two-week rounds (10 days of break and 4 days of investment)

- Changes in the amount of FOUND coins available for sale

- Implementation of an automatic system for calculating bonuses for investors

  • Additional graphics, pop-ups, modals, and other necessary elements
  • Implementation of additional security measures — including Cloudflare Ransom DDoS — Layer 3 Network Protection
  • Customization of the KYC Ondato verification system that includes:

- Bugs elimination

- Adding approval of documents from countries such as Brazil, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Venezuela, Turkey, India, Ecuador, Nigeria, Russia

- Implementation of manual verification to speed up the verification process in some cases

  • We developed the concept and functionality of the portal on mobile devices.
  • We are implementing the mobile version of the home page.
  • We implemented the unwanted content reporting process and mechanism for counting and presenting user reputation.
  • We updated portal components to Atomic Design and ReactJS.
  • We are also prepared to transfer the database from the initial version of the portal to the new beta version.

In terms of communication, we changed the visual direction by adding more colors and emotions to improve the brand image. As a result, we introduced more playful and meme-based content. We started with new formats on YouTube and TikTok — these are instructional videos that help to build community and explain how the portal will operate. Currently, we finished the first test advertising campaign on TikTok, which aimed to create interest in our project. We started building engagement in foreign-language communities by creating content in their languages.

We released the first video instructions addressing the most common problems our users encounter. We plan to add them regularly to explain how to deal with the most common issues in short videos. This helped to increase the number of website users to 37 000. This is an increase of 10% compared to the same period. There were 229 000 page views, which is an increase of 90%. Moreover, 180 000 actions on the website were taken by users, which is an increase of 142%. The texts have been edited to become more SEO friendly, which increased the number of visits to the website from organic sources by 93%.

We believe that all these activities will bring even better results in the future. We hope that reaching new investor groups will help us spread the idea of ​​ — the internet without censorship, scam, and hate, where authors of valuable content are rewarded.

The third investment round begins tomorrow. It will last only for 4 days. It will finish on Monday, September 20th, at noon CET. During this time, we enable the purchase of FOUND coins through our website. In this round, 50,000,000 FOUND coins will be offered at $0.05 per coin. The minimum investment is $100.

Moreover, we listened to the voices of our early investors participating in the daily auctions. We decided to award them with a bonus in FOUND coins. It will be done the same way as in the first investment round — a ranking will be created covering all auction days. Depending on the number of FOUND coins purchased, investors will receive additional tokens to be used in the next investment round:
1st — 3rd place: 50% bonus
4th — 7th place: 40% bonus
8th — 10th place: 30% bonus
The additional FOUND coins will be sent to the accounts of selected investors during the next month.

Thank you for your support!
Piotr Michalak



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