Disappointed by Google search? The solution is coming!

…nothing is more irritating than the influx of misinformation.


We are being disappointed by the Google search.

You have a problem and no idea how to deal with it. You open up Google, and type in a question, in return you get a chaff of advertising content, written for an algorithm whose job is to put those who pay on top.

As a result, solving our problems means digging through an ocean of information that does not directly answer our question, and this takes time. Priceless time. In addition, it does not guarantee any meaningful results.

So what do you do? Usually, you grit your teeth, roll up your sleeves and dig through this information. What you find is yours.

However, what do you do when the issue is really important, and you can’t afford the consequences of a bad decision?

…. half a loaf is better than none.

You go for a coffee with your brother-in-law to ask him directly what you want to know.

Why? Simply because he knows. Maybe he wouldn’t ever use that word to describe himself, but you know your brother-in-law is an expert because he has been dealing with the subject for many years and knows his stuff.

It’s worse when you don’t have a brother-in-law at all.

You drink your coffee alone. Frustrated, because in your mind the question remains with no reply. You have no brother-in-law, you have no answer, you have nothing.

…many of us can sell our knowledge.

At the same time, many such “brothers-in-laws” are diving into the ocean of the Internet to start a blog, a YouTube channel, set up a website, pay for a domain, hosting, etc., to share the knowledge with others.

They know they have knowledge that has values and they want to help.

No chance. They have zero likes, subs, views, and in return. They got lots of invoices to pay for ads. Algorithms will not allow them to appear on the Internet and share their knowledge. That is why I call such people “Experts without a voice.”

You need knowledge. They would like to share it. Simple as that. But that’s difficult to do…

Neither Google, Facebook, nor Youtube will connect those two sides. It’s more important to show you terabytes of data, the display-optimized ads, based on the manipulative search algorithms, or just outdated content.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Experts without a voice will soon register their accounts on ccFOUND, to help.

…the largest advice and problem platform is launching now.

ccFOUND, a new internet service that will connect us with experts. First-ever Brain Search Engine.

Problems and solutions, thoughtful answers, the knowledge that everyone has, and the experience shared. Knowledge Bank. All that is at your fingertips.

We’ll solve problems just like Uber. We’ll bring a specific solution to your specific problem.

It works in a very simple way. You type in your problem, and a few moments later a lot of smart solutions appear. Now, you are wondering which one will be the right one? Not difficult. The one that others have already tagged, as the most helpful will appear at the top.

It’s a meritocracy in service, not the algorithm preference, that causes an expert to climb up in rankings and just your quality answer.

The effects? You won’t have to wait long.

Our brother-in-law, despite his broad knowledge, would have no chance to be a Youtube expert. On the ccFOUND he is already an expert since he noticed that someone asked how to change spark plugs in a Mercedes, and he recorded a short video explaining how to do it with basic tools.

What’s more, he posted another video from his workshop. Watching it is just a 1 USD fee. He has a gold reputation as he has helped 133 people!

All he needed to get started was the knowledge and ccFOUND.

ccFOUND is proud of the quality of his advice. My Brother-in-law has never been happier with his work. And we are grateful for the value of this cooperation. Experts without a voice will soon be monetizing their knowledge. That’s what sets us apart from YouTube.

… you have no time to lose.

What about you? Are you still waiting?

— > Are you annoyed with Google? Unable to find meaningful answers to your questions?

— > Maybe you have no channel to speak through until someone takes you out for a coffee?

Or maybe both?

Once you become a ccFOUND user, you can post your problems and challenges, and people will give you possible solutions. Once you’re active, not only you will solve your problem, but you’ll gain access to the entire ccFOUND community, and you will never be alone.

…join our community right now!

Our startup raised 4 m Euro in ICO to develop a platform. Investors are the best proof that we are developing dynamically. The best part?

The system is already in the testing stage!

We have no time to lose. Investors have trusted us and the first users will join soon.

Our leader, Piotr Michalak, over the years, advised a lot of businessmen how to multiply their capital. We trust him and we trust each other. Join our ccFOUND community and trust in the power of our startup.

Register today and invest


Tamar and Joanna Giersig




ccFound platform enable to provide expertise, in questions and answers but on blockchain technology with own crypto, that users will pay for know-how, edu,...

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ccFound platform enable to provide expertise, in questions and answers but on blockchain technology with own crypto, that users will pay for know-how, edu,...

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