How can I claim FOUND Coins?

The purchaser takes part in the investment round. Finally, they are distributed to investor’s accounts on the platform as soon as the investment round is completed. However, in order for the client to “physically” receive his FOUND Coins that are on the blockchain, he must make a “claim” on his account.

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Go to the Wallets tab
  3. Click the Withdraw button

4. Enter the FOUND Coin amount you want to withdraw to your wallet

5. Paste the address of the ERC-20 compliant wallet

6. Click Withdraw

Before going further with the withdrawal, please check carefully the target address. FOUND Coin is on Binance Chain and you must provide a compatible wallet address. Be aware that if you confirm an incorrect address, we won’t be able to assist you to recover your assets.

Your withdrawal is waiting for confirmation by our staff. For security reasons, all transactions on the portal must be approved by our team. If there are no problems, the approval will be no later than 24 hours.

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