Judicial system — how does it work?

No hate and scam, but also no censorship? Many of you will surely find it impossible. Just have a glance at popular portals — when there is no moderation, it is difficult to find valuable content in the maze of ads and fake news. On the other hand, overly guarded forums are not interesting for users who disappear from them faster than they appeared.

How to do the impossible? At ccFOUND we like challenges, so we decided to solve that as well.

We do not intend to control or prevent controversial content — it often encourages participants to ask more questions or discover other aspects of the case. At the same time, we will protect our users from scams and hate. The unique judicial system will help us in this. We invite you to watch a movie about it — just click on the link below:


What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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