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3 min readMay 15, 2022


Have you invested in a ccFOUND startup? Great decision! This investment is a bright growth. Why? It’s not a cryptocurrency investment; it’s a product investment.

Unsure about that? Let me explain below.

2:32 am CET, 7:32 pm New York time on May 12th. Validators of the Terra cryptocurrency from Terraform Labs make the heart-wrenching decision to pause the blockchain at block 7603700, only to restart the network moments later. Another stable coin, UST, has just lost its link to the dollar and was supposed to be a stabilising factor for the exchange rate. LUNA went into a death spiral as users started exiting their positions. Price drops from $80 to under one cent!

Bitcoin reacted with 430,000 traders closing their accounts. Panic?

Published calculations show losses at $1.2 billion. You feel like you’re in Chornobyl. You read the statements of market analysts about the catastrophe, and you react as if irradiated; your mouth is dry, there are flashes in front of your eyes, and it gets once hot, once cold.

March 8th 1994, Women’s Day. The Warsaw Stock Exchange. The trading session closure. Brokers take off their red suspenders. The shares are overvalued by 33%. In the morning, their prices began a frantic slide of 60%. The red suspenders are falling! The Smiths are losing ground, even though they had been pumping this balloon for a year to escape rampant inflation. The symbol of their dreams was Bank Śląski, whose stock debut gave investors 1350 %. A similar pattern to the 1990s crash of the Asian stock markets, where indices shot up by several thousand per cent each.

Every bull market has rational causes, and there are always logical reasons for a crash. There is always a self-reinforcing mechanism at work. The rise is that the previous stock spikes, and so on. And why is it rising? People don’t worry about that anymore. So what if I tell you that Terra USD represents only 1% of the stablecoin market, estimated worth 1473 billion USD, even in a crash and traders made 60 billion USD in the last year?

Those who didn’t sell stocks during the 90s crash made a fortune on a reversal trend?

Will I soothe your nerves?

According to some scientists, crises should already be thought of in terms of phenomena happily belonging to history.

Did you invest in ccFOUND? It was a wise decision. You are the type of professional who diversifies your investment portfolio, partly investing capital in stablecoin, some in BTC, and another part in products.

Our investors have no reason to panic. They have invested in a product that has already been created, and its valuation will only increase.

The ccFOUND platform is:

1. a technology product that equals growth,

2. a constant human product that equals development,

3. a human knowledge and experience product that equals proven wisdom,

4. a blockchain product that equals security.

It is also wise to be an investor who thinks and does not panic due to stock price bars.

It is the rolling nature of the economy. Change the slider on the quotes for ten years and see where you are with “your crash”. The turn will come long before the bull market or before the crash.

Balance your emotions and don’t sell on dips, don’t lose because once you do, you can only passively watch as the downtrend reaches its bottom and turns into an uptrend. Then it will skyrocket without your assets. You don’t want that pain. If you’re not an investor first, then be an investor second. If you are second, then be first, or preferably both, and see your core product portal ccFOUND grow. We are growing steadily! The target for the next 12 months? 80k users!

Watch our ccFOUND portal growing. Millions will visit it, including millions from Venture Capitals, and be glad you invested well.



ccFOUND wisdom marketplace

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