New investment round will start today at noon CET!

Our second investment round in the new ICO system will start today at noon CET and will last for 4 days. It will finish on Monday, September 6th, also at noon CET. In this round, we are offering 50,000,000 FOUND coins worth $0.05 each — hurry up as they are selling out quickly!

For active investors, we have planned:
- investment bonus: depending on the number of purchased tokens, investors will receive additional FOUND coins, which can be used in the next investment round. The total amount of bonuses in the 1st round was $ 34,526!
- affiliate program: investors can receive a 10 percent commission each time they successfully recommend the purchase of FOUND coins to other people.The record holder earned $ 6,200!

Those who received the bonus for participating in the previous round will receive additional tokens after purchasing FOUND coins for a minimum of $ 100 in this round. Then the tokens obtained from the bonus program will be added to the total amount. All tokens will be in the user’s account.

Don’t miss your chance — register at and go through the KYC process!