One month after the start of Crowdfunding 3.0 by

Dear Investor,

The month has passed since the start of Crowdfunding 3.0 by

During this time, many things have changed, but not our commitment to the project. We believe that will become the most popular social networking portal globally, bringing people together, enabling information and knowledge sharing, with great possibilities for monetization.

I will start by summarizing the first month of the crowdfunding 3.0. In the second part of the letter, I will introduce current events, plans and dreams. Let’s get started!


Unfortunately, the first days of crowdfunding were a false start — we collected only USD 53,000 until we managed to find a more successful way. Finally, at the end of the month, the number of participants in the auctions has increased to 30–60 per day. This helped us to collect USD 196,000 over the last two weeks. We keep going!


We took into account your requests, and we launched a Polish version of ccFOUND. We are also almost finished with the Polish translation of documents such as Whitepaper and Two-pager.


We have also managed to integrate MetaMask wallets on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network, which can be used for depositing funds in FOUND token auctions. This means that you can now deposit 4 cryptocurrencies and tokens into ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD — directly via MetaMask.


We have also opened a Small Payment Institution in Poland, which will allow you to deposit funds in Polish Zloty to a maximum of €2,000. The value of cryptocurrency deposits is unlimited, please consider this option too.


We also managed to complete IT tasks such as:

· Implementation of Layer 2 demo onto IPFS

· Isolation of paid action model on the portal to a separate microservice

· Preparation of the development environment for the deployment of the new portal layout

· Agreeing on cooperation with software house Billennium in implementing the second layer of the portal and integrating individual functions.

· Completing the modelling of privilege management functionality on the portal.


We performed various marketing activities during this period — including media campaigns on Facebook and other media networks focused on the cryptocurrency market. The campaigns generated more than 101,000 visits on the portal, including more than 30,000 unique users.


We have implemented split tests with different website variants to choose the most effective layout and promote in both languages.


We have also been working on a mailing list for users who are interested in the project. Currently, we collected more than 5,200 potential investors. Moreover, 570 investors have joined our project.


Last week, we created an explainer video (in Polish and English) and animations demonstrating the basic functionalities of our portal.


We have also launched social media channels in Polish — Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. We have also changed the narration — instead of using professional language directed to experienced investors, we changed our communication to more emotional.


We have also completed the bounty campaign on the Bitcoin Talk forum as we did not receive a satisfactory result. We also started to work with Reddit, Twitter and Telegram moderators to increase our organic activity.


We have established a partnership with StewCoin and BasketCoin teams and Maciek “Dziemian” Dziemiańczuk — a musician, entrepreneur, and investor. He will support us on social media as a brand ambassador. He has already started publishing on ccFOUND TikTok channel and YT Shorts — please visit our channels and subscribe!


We launched a new Facebook format with the team: AMA sessions and retransmissions of webinars. Erika (or advisor), Grzegorz (CTO) and Piotr (CEO) led the first session of the AMA, and you can find it here.


We were also present in the media. Information such as benefits reached industry portals. You can find links to press releases, interviews, and articles at the top of the page.


We started a blog in two languages — Polish and English, and I would like to invite you to visit it — please follow this link.


We have also become more present on Youtube. I was interviewed by media and influencers seven times during the last couple of weeks. Please have a look at, in my opinion, the most interesting one.


We launched a press office.


All of the activities performed helped us find the right track, but we still need your help. We are currently working on improving the business model, and I will keep you up to date with any changes. One of our goals is to build a loyal community on both the Polish and English markets.

When I think of, I see freedom and unlimited knowledge. can connect these values and reach even 1.4 billion Chinese citizens who have restricted access to the Internet.

Using blockchain technology to store the data ensures that nobody can censor the information.

I believe you support us because knowledge and wisdom are worth the investment. Both values are a source of right decisions. That’s why investment in knowledge and wisdom can bring us great returns in professional and private lives.

Please invest in and share our project details with your friends. You can earn money by investing in our project. How to do it?

On your profile, you will find a tab for partners (affiliates). Then, you have to select a currency in which you will receive a commission for selling tokens (you cannot select tokens — but you can pay out the commission and manually enter next auctions).

You can refer the investment to a friend and receive 10% of the funds you have already raised. If you refer to a friend, you can agree to share the commission with him or her. Please consider becoming our partner.

Piotr Michalak, founder and President of

ccFound helps people invest knowledgeably by providing information in the most natural way known to humans: questions and answers.