Our plans and forecasts

The third investment round has finished. We know that even a few numbers can provide a good summary. We prepared a short overview of the numbers that summarise well the third round.

  • Nearly $222,500 has been collected, which means 4.45mln FOUND coins have been sold.
  • 374 investors took part in the third round, and 451 purchase bids were submitted.
  • Again, we reached an international community — our investors came from 62 countries!
  • Apart from Poland, users from Vietnam, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan invested significant amounts in this round!
  • $31,700 — it is the total amount that has been awarded to our investors

As a result, we have collected $2.45mln up to this point. This amount will allow us to invest in the technology and marketing of the project. We will soon reveal a few secrets and show you our project, which we believe will change the internet. We will start by publishing animations showing the features of the portal. We will soon begin to run some tests of the portal and present the MVP.

Please have a look at the short video we prepared in which Piotr Michalak, founder and CEO of the project, explains the advantages of the Layer 2 solution we recently implemented.

Please click the link to see the video — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qgi-TFAzZzs

Thank you for your support. We appreciate your commitment, investments and your activity on social media. Thanks to you, we can start changing the world :)

We’ll be sharing more good news with you soon. Stay tuned and … see you at ccFOUND.com!

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