Our referral program just got better!

In the course of the past few investment rounds, we’ve noticed that you, our investors, put a big effort into inviting your friends, fans and family to invest in our ICO using your referral links. That’s great because you get 10% worth of each investment you bring in your chosen currency. Some people got as much as $10,000 from referrals only!

However, we’d like to improve it even more! The top 3 referrers will receive an additional FOUND Coins worth 10% of each investment they bring in the round number 9. Since you already like inviting your friends to take part in our ICO, you might as well get some extras!

Example: If Tom sends his referral link to 50 people, they invest a total value of $50,000, and this amount is in the top 3 referrals in round 9 — Tom receives $5,000 in his chosen currency AND $5,000 worth of FOUND Coins.

So, make sure you create your referral link in the ‘Referral’ tab on our website, send it to your friends, and — GAME ON! T&C are here and the investment round starts tomorrow at ccfound.com!



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