Raport for investors

Dear Investors and Friends of ccFOUND,

The last weeks have been a very busy time — both in terms of product development and marketing activities. The work of a large part of the ccFOUND team has been focused on the portal. We have made many business decisions related to the use of features, technologies and development of the portal. We also overcame many challenges. We designed a decentralized data storage system on blockchain while reducing costs to almost zero.

Any day now we will show the community the closed beta version of the ccFOUND portal, with the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter and the so called early birds list, which will allow a selected number of users to be the first to test the next features of the portal. We are in the process of completing the implementation of such features as: login and registration, adding content, login with metamask wallet authorization, user panel, connection to L2 (layer 2), multi-language translation mechanism (initially limited to 4 and gradually increasing), advanced search system and the first knowledge monetization mechanism: “Paid Question”.

In the meantime, we are building an editorial team that will be responsible for the quality of translations and added content until the decentralisation. We also designed ccMarketplace, where it will be possible for experts to offer paid products, such as online training or ebook sales. Moreover, we have analyzed 3 more blockchains — including Iota and Eos, for storing content. We are analyzing more, with a view to later use on the portal.

December and January are the period of changes and preparations in marketing — we used the long break between the rounds to summarize the current activities and plan new ones. We will introduce changes in digital — we are working on a new website structure; we have also created numerous sales landingpages. We have significantly increased our newsletter recipient base by over 2000 new users. In terms of advertising, we prepared for a strong entry into new formats, such as Quora ADS. In the meantime, we promoted a sales webinar and worked hard on surprises that we will soon present to you. One of them is the NFT series in the form of a game — details soon!

We also had a Christmas campaign behind us, as a result of which we donated 5% of the funds raised in the December investment round to an entity chosen by the ccFOUND community. SOS Children’s Villages received as much as $5888 from us, which will be fully allocated to children’s education.

In social media, we started few influencer partnerships on Twitter that resulted in a community growth of about 4,000 followers. We established a new partnership with the Quarashi Network project, offering multiple solutions such as a cryptocurrency wallet and VPN. We also held a Christmas contest on the Gleam platform, which enjoyed record popularity (nearly 2,000 participants). We systematically open new channels in social media (e.g. Facebook profile dedicated to the Vietnamese community or a server on Discord).

As always, we invite you to follow us in social media and to read our blog articles. We especially recommend publications about censorship in social media and a series of interviews with community managers responsible for foreign markets.

We wish you prosperity and freedom in the new year.

See you on ccFOUND!

Piotr Michalak and ccFound team



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