Summary of the second investment round

The second investment round has finished. We collected $313,242 which is a 77% increase compared to the previous round. The number of investors has also increased by 62% (from 244 to 396 people). At the moment, there are more than 6,500 users registered on the platform! That’s 81% more than two weeks ago.

We are very excited to see the great results because it means that the change in the auction model was a good decision. We have also noticed a major increase of Turkish and Vietnamese investors in this round.

We prepared a short summary of the second round:

  • 489 transactions with a total value of $313,242 were completed
  • Our investors come from around the world — there are 396 investors (including 150 from Poland and 246 from abroad) from 67 countries
  • Poland ranked first in terms of the amount of collected funds — $130,000 in 187 transactions
  • The second place goes to Turkey — $34,000 in 60 transactions
  • The largest average investment amount — $6,000 — comes from Hong Kong
  • The bonus system became very popular among investors — the total value of FOUND Coins paid out — $57,568
  • In the first round investors from 42 countries took part in the Crowdfunding 3.0 — now, the number increased to 67!

We are planning to invest the collected funds in the development of We decided to hire three highly skilled programmers to join our team. This will help us to speed up the work on the project.

Thank you for your trust and stay tuned for the third round!



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