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You will find the glossary below the text

We are introducing our updated strategy, the result of our cooperation with the best specialists in tokenization developjment.

We listen to the experts — ccFOUND advisors Marcin Klarycki, Paweł Łaskarzewski, and blockchain market investors suggested a growth strategy for FOUND coin. We are leaving the 2018 development model and launch vesting, allowing for investments from

  • Venture Capital
  • Launchpads
  • and maintaining the growth of our coin price.

We want to deliver the product at the highest level through:

  • expanding our strong IT team with the new specialists for platform development,
  • making the project open to Venture Capital and Launchpads’ investors to support our commercialisation phase.
  • considering a period of 6 to 9 months for acquiring Venture Capital.

We launch a period of commercialization and dynamic development of the project.

Our proposition

  • Token pivot/coin reset — to replace the token with a new smart contract and ticker. A token exchange on a 1:1 basis to reset the exchange chart.
  • launching the Vesting — according to the table below, defining TGE, CLIFF, and Vesting for different groups of investors. We assume that the percentages may change slightly, but the proportions remain.

Burning tokens and changing the proportions of shares to increase the decentralization of the project

The Cryptography Research transfers 15% of the coin to investors,

aligning the token price to $0.01 for ICO investors

ICO investors will get an airdrop to get the price closer to investors from Private Sale

securing the pool for VCs at $0.01

securing the pool for sale on Launchpads

ensuring that liquidity

  • 6–12 months listing deadline
  • CCFOUND, The Cryptography Research, and Piotr Michalak resign from voting to let investors the opportunity to make a decision
  • blocking the possibility of claiming coins for the time of the vote to introduce vesting

The ccFOUND token allocation:

Your participation in the voting:

  • Your tokens must hold on the platform for you to participate in the vote. The tokens will be a way to identify the investor. It is the only way the issuer can calculate how many votes you have.
  • In the voting form, which you receive from us by email, you give your registration email address from the shop.ccfound platform and the number of tokens
  • Each vote will be multiplied by the number of tokens you are holding.They will constitute the “weight” of the vote.

The glossary

DAO — (decentralized autonomous organization) is a type of blockchain environment organization where membership does not require personal identification; decisions are made meritocratically, giving it a high degree of autonomy.

Launchpad — a tightly regulated, multi-functional system that provides the same level of security and stability that users look for in traditional financial institutions. A secure medium to connect investors and startups.

DEX exchange — (decentralized exchange) a decentralized exchange is a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies, i.e., digital assets, without the involvement of a central authority or corporate oversight. A decentralized exchange allows for the peer-to-peer sale of digital assets directly between investors. Users do not need to transfer their assets to the exchange, which reduces the risk of possible theft or hacking of servers in the case of centralized exchanges. Decentralization makes price manipulation or falsification of trading transactions impossible.

Coin dump — lowering the coin price, usually for speculation purposes.

Claiming — orders to withdraw coins to a designated cryptocurrency address.

Smart contract — (smart contract/contract) an algorithm designed for digital “contracts”; an electronic version of traditional contracts, binding two people or a group of people, operating in a blockchain environment.

Ticker — a unique symbol that identifies a token, i.e., Bitcoin’s ticker is “BTC”.

TGE (token generation event) — means adding liquidity on the exchange after tokens’ are released in the vesting.

CLIFF — time after which the release of vested tokens begins.

PIVOT — in tokenization, a pivot is a rule for managing the price of a coin or defending it against a price drop. It can be, for example, a better solution to protect the token, such as anti-bots or limiting front running and to stop daily traders from speculations.

Venture Capital- development funds for startups specializing in commercialization or making startup projects marketable.

Vesting — the stage of a limited release of a token to the outside world. Find out more by reading this article.



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