Twitter and Musk aren’t enough to build a tower of truth.

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4 min readMay 5, 2022


The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder 1563. Courtesy of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

They say Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms in history. That’s not the case and won’t be until Elon Musk brings free speech, and other necessary changes to the table.

Twitter is networking for brands.

Among other social media platforms, Twitter stands out for only one feature — the illusion of one-to-one, or one-to-many, communication with people who have given marketing permission, including aces like Donald Trump or Elon Musk.

Users want to be alongside these influential figures and they want at least to hope, to interact with them. The thing is, this is an illusion that is much better filled by Facebook or Instagram.

Twitter limits your post to 300 characters, and of course there are people who use tweets to tell 300 character stories, but they make up the vast minority.

Twitter is mostly used for communication and sharing news about brands. Twitter is the definite leader when it comes to brandmania. In this respect, it is slightly like advertising blocks on TV and is far from the reliable analysis or the in-depth content.

The saturation of marketing content on Twitter is glaring.

Twitter has become a promoter of brands, so much so that Pulsar Custom Research, which compiled a report for companies on the merits of Twitter, examined twenty accounts of different brands between 2018 and 2021, and the language of their posts, the report discovered, turned out to be surprisingly identical, limited to five to six words, ideas and advertising gimmicks.

The study found that the same phraseological tricks are being used for multiple brands simultaneously along the lines of “Join the global revolution with millennial vacuum cleaner brand x.”

Users retweet emotionally rather than reasonably.

This is a result of the scale of marketing efforts of many companies, whose employees set up Twitter accounts as individuals and manage them to reach influential people in the industry that they would never reach in person, such as Elon Musk.

It’s actually uber-networking for busy business people who don’t have time for lunches or seminars with clients.

One in three users already encounter “content marketing” brands on Twitter to the point where tweeting becomes a monotonous activity, devoid of thought. An emotion and a habit. User activity in retweeting brands is up to 40%, according to Twitter Internal Data Big Query, Semantic Core, in a study between 2019–2021.

Twitter — a vehicle for passwords?

For more than two years now, Twitter has ceased to be a platform for credible statements from free people, for statistics show, it processes paid marketing data. Marketers tweeting posts that have little to do with people’s real needs.

People demand broader and deeper and argumentative statements, multidimensional.

Market research with humility, reminds us of the important and obvious thing that most of people don’t work in advertising.

People pay attention to tweets about brand x’s revolutionary vacuum cleaner because they are interested in how brands post on Twitter. People click on posts related to brands because it gives them a sense of empathy, brands increase the enjoyment of Twitter, they feature interesting phraseology and clever tricks.

Freedom of speech is the foundation of the modern blockchain-based knowledge platform ccFOUND. The very blockchain technology applied to this international marketplace for advice and analysis makes it difficult for dishonest market participants to create the “one right” truth. The narrative will be free from the pressures of top-down authority, which is not present here. The system gives room to explore in-depth expertise or authentic advice, based on truth, because the content is verifiable by the DAO community, the decentralized authority over the platform. Distributed governance is conducive to this, and a four-tier judiciary system is conducive to this.

Elon Musk knows that ccFOUND is a system where people’s opinions, advice, ideas and knowledge will be shared by many users, with the same interests, who express approval or disapproval of important content in solidarity. Twitter may reach a level of content independence when Elon Musk changes the entire architecture of the platform, freeing it from marketing content, which is quite a challenge, also technologically.

You yourself will soon experience that ccFOUND is a place where people’s new ideas can safely see the light of day for the first time, where you are happy to give paid advice, where you freely give endorsements, publish opinions and analyses, where you establish partnerships and new projects, but not for the price of automatically clicking through 300 characters, but for the value of the coins you generate on the platform yourself, like in Monopoly.

The ccFOUND platform will give users a sense of freedom of speech, when it is lacking the user naturally asks for it and gets the answers there is room for. This is also called networking! Nothing complicated, but very valuable and true in form and content.

On ccFOUND, you can create a unique opportunity for yourself that was last seen when Youtube launched twenty years ago. You can make a name for yourself as an icon of the new portal, as an influencer of wisdom. You will start earning a living by giving authentic advice, not “fake”, algorithm-adjusted “ like on Instagram. You will like the truth in speech and feel the freedom it gives.

Nowadays on Youtube it’s very hard to stand out from the most well known content creators with millions of subscriptions, but on ccFOUND you can make a reset and start again. When building your share of Tweets, or Youtube videos you have to “pay” crores. At ccFOUND, you won’t have to. The truth shines through here on its own.

We’ll be opening up the subscription option to you soon, so stay on our mailing list. We’ll notify you when your life moment takes off. The moment of truth.

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