What is ccFOUND.com and what is it going to provide?

ccFOUND wisdom marketplace
2 min readJul 6, 2021


In summary, ccFOUND.com will be the biggest knowledge and wisdom search engine (and marketplace) on the internet.
In a way, it’s a “google killer” — a way to search not for information, as in the big G, but for knowledge, which is pretty different thing.
If you look closely, it will resemble Facebook or Quora rather than G.
Because it’s a human-to-human (P2P) device.
Because it’s only people that can advise other people, there’s no AI for that yet, and there won’t be soon.
However it’s very different when you look at the internal processes.
It will put valuable knowledge first, not entertainment and funny cats videos and memes, which we love, but media pauperization is a thing.
And we want to bring value back to the internet.
So imagine a platform like Quora — questions and answers, but…
More relevant ones, more real life ones, more touching ones.
More practical ones, touching on the subject of what is going on in your life, in your investments, in what you are actually looking for.
And then… imagine that all of the content is sorted and organized in a neat and understandable way.
You get questions in each and every category sorted by upvotes, maybe weighted by reputation and coin holdings in the future.
Simple, easy to understand for the users and community.
Then imagine everything being translated into each and every other language on the fly.
What you receive is a huge, international knowledge and wisdom database — like a table of content regarding every topic.
And everyone is able to help every other person regardless which language you use.
No one does this nowadays and it will be game changing.
No one connected people internationally like that so far.
Finally you have the FOUND coin which allows you to earn 50% of the platforms income (or rather: a portion of that, as a tokened).

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Follow our steps on www.ccfound.com, where you can read and download the whitepaper and two-pager. Join our community on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram, to get to know more about the project, that will revolutionize the internet and let you monetize the knowledge!



ccFOUND wisdom marketplace

beta.ccfound.com is marketplace for expertise, questions and answers, targeted to blockchain, own crypto for users to pay for know-how, education or tips.