What is Crowdfunding 3.0?

Everybody knows what crowdfunding is and what advantages come along with crowdfunding. For the cryptocurrency market, Crowdfunding 3.0 has now arrived on the scene, allowing crypto companies to quickly raise money through selling currency, a new app or services.

Technically, Crowdfunding 3.0 is an initial coin offering (ICO) — however, a redefined ICO. How does Crowdfunding 3.0 work then? A crypto company generates tokens and sells them in daily auctions throughout the whole year. More information on the technical details involved is usually available in a whitepaper.

When looking at the difference between an ICO and crowdfunding, the former offers tokens when the latter provides some kind of reward — a thank you note, a product or something. In ccFOUND.com’s case, people who will participate in the Crowdfunding 3.0 campaign will receive tokens, which makes an ICO.

People will be able to participate in Crowdfunding 3.0 by purchasing our tokens, not only with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but also with fiat currencies. There are a few reasons for that. First, some people might favour it. (That’s one of the takeaways from our private sale. Even cryptocurrency investors preferred paying by bank transfer rather than with cryptocurrencies). Second, some people might not be familiar with cryptocurrencies; some might not know exactly how to use them. That correlates well with our core values. Our portal will focus on connecting people, giving them a chance to help each other, allowing beginners to learn about cryptocurrencies and investments.

We’re not only trying to attract people who are investing in cryptocurrencies. We’re for everyone — and not everyone knows what an ICO is. ccFOUND.com is a multinational community of people who want to obtain wisdom and knowledge, consult experts and share their opinions. We help make money on it by multi-level monetization of experts’ knowledge in various ways.

In conclusion, Crowdfunding 3.0 is all about reinventing the ICO and making it accessible to people outside the crypto space. That’s why we invite you to follow our social media channels, subscribe to our newsletter and tune in for more information about the Crowdfunding 3.0 campaign, which starts on Friday, June 18.

If you want to learn more about ccFOUND.com and participate in our Crowdfunding 3.0, join the webinar of Piotr Michalak, company CEO, on June 18th at 2 p.m. CET. He will talk about the company and the big idea behind it. He will also explain why participating in the crowdfunding campaign is a great investment opportunity, and why the Internet needs a tool like ccFOUND.com.

To attend the webinar, sign up here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4544717379797639691

And don’t forget to visit our site https://shop.ccfound.com, where you can download our whitepaper and two-pager.



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