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Dear Investors,

Recently, there have been several events under the ccFOUND project that we want to share:


1. We have completed the implementation of payment tools on our ICO platform:

a. BitBayPay

b. Stripe

c. Coinbase Commerce

d. Adyen

e. Payoneer

2. We are holding talks with more payment processor service providers that will allow customers from around the world to make deposits. They are, among others:






3. We have prepared the ERC20 smart contract code for our token;

a. the contract responsible for the behavior of the ccFound…

Dear Investors,

Recently, there have been some important events taking place at ccFOUND that we want to share with you.


  1. Landing page — the main page of the campaign is almost finished, we will eventually publish and test two different variants of the campaign in terms of effectiveness.
  2. We had a dozen or so workshops with software houses and developers to refine the requirements and scope for the smart contract ecosystem. We chose contractors for the smart contract.
  3. We had 6 interviews with payment processors to implement them on the ICO website.
  4. We did an overview of hosting platforms for…

One of the views that will be implemented on ccFOUND

The first week of January has passed. More and more people write to us asking what is going on in the project? Every few days we receive further inquiries as to whether private sale is in progress and whether it is still possible to buy tokens … I also have a personal relationship with a person who declares an investment of PLN 0.5 million in ccFOUND, so we still arouse investors’ interest, for which I thank you very much.

In December we finished translating the whitepaper into English. …

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Warsaw, 10 January 2020, updated on 17 November 2020,
From the desk of Piotr Michalak — ccFOUND, CEO

Blockchain is 10 years old as we write. It is currently in the “early adopters” phase, just before “the chasm”. This is proven by the fact that most blockchains and decentralised applications (dApps) are just prototypes of things to come. Also, a very small portion of the population (0.5–2%) holds any crypto assets.

Bridging the chasm between the early adopters and the early majority in the technology adoption lifecycle will make blockchain not only a widely recognised solution, but…

From the desk of Piotr Michalak, ccFOUND Founder & CEO

Dear Investors and everyone interested in the ccFOUND project! Thank you very much for participating in the private sale of CC tokens. At the beginning of last week (that is 9/11/2020) we returned from a week’s holiday after an exhausting campaign and with renewed strength we started to summarize and prepare for the next phase of the ccFOUND project development. Without prolonging it, let’s get to the point.

Let me remind you that ccFOUND issues a total of 99,999,997.00 CC tokens.

15% of this amount is intended for private sale…


ccFound helps people invest knowledgeably by providing information in the most natural way known to humans: questions and answers.

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